My fitness journey will be a lifelong journey.

Join the Fit Chix Project

When is the Fit Chix Project?


Who Can join the Fit Chix Project & Get a Total Transformation?

Anyone! Whether you are wanting to lose 5 pounds or 150 pounds, tone up, gain muscle mass, or improve your flexibility, energy levels and focus I can customize a program to meet your needs.

How long is the Challenge

The Total Transformation Challenge can be as short as 21 days up to one full year depending on how long you stay with me! 


Where is the Challenge?

Unlike other fitness challenges, you do this one right in your own home &  I am there DAILY to support you in our exclusive members only group.
Depending on your packages we may meet live weekly or once a month!

You don't have to worry about getting your butt to the gym (unless you want to take your workout to the gym for a break from home, I get it :-)  or storing bulky equipment.


What is the Total Transformation Challenge? Why does it work?

The Total Transformation Challenge focuses on your your individual goals. We will identify your fitness goals, and get you into a private group & app with the rest of the tribe, we will figure out what meal plan works best for you for optimal results.

As a starting point, we will take our measurements, a before picture, and weight on Day 1.

and every STATurday after that.

Because everyone is different and will have a different starting weight and goals, we will be using the our Online Club membership to customize a meal plan specific to your goals to get you the maximum results during the challenge! This is included in your Transformation Challenge pack for free.

During the challenge we will follow our individualized workouts, meal plans, and log them in our private group & Challenger tracker app EXCLUSIVE to YOU.

Now, you do not have to share your weight with the group, but we would like to know how you did each week. You should plan on working out 4-6 days a week depending on the program and YOUR schedule. If you follow my workout plans you will be getting into your skinny jeans by the end of the month!!

At the end of every 30 days, we will take your measurements, pictures, and weight again then start your next customized program! 


What is a VIP All Access Member?

Fitness On Demand (our digital streaming of fitness programs) is going ALL ACCESS. 

This means access to EVERYTHING!!! ALL of our programs online for AN ENTIRE YEAR - not just the old ones - and any new programs that we launch in 2018 & on !!! It's  over 35 FULL workout programs which includes 30 day supply of  our Superfood shake, our portion control containers, a shaker cup, and be a VIP Challenger in ANY Fit Camp I host for the next year 😉whoop whoop!  You will have an arsenal of workouts to choose from with different intensity levels too, so as you progress through your journey we can LEVEL UP your workouts. 

Get this, it cost less than a Gym membership!

Talk about a DEAL for all of time!

🔹EVERY complete Workout programs and all NEW 2018 programs online through Fitness on Demand.

! 🔹THE upgraded/deluxe workouts 

🔹Program manuals and calendar 

🔹Exclusive program such as: fix a cooking show, the yoga retreat, the yoga studio, and so many more. BOD NUTRITION: 🔸portion control containers 🔸30 days of Superfood shake, daily dose of dense superfood nutrition


What does the Total Transformation Challenge include?

-Over 30 customized meal plans

-Custom clean eating meal plan designed for your challenge

-Portion control containers and shaker cup

-30 healthy meals! ~ A 30 day supply of Superfood Shake!

-ME as your personal coach

-Access to my private, support group "Kick Ass Fit Camp"

-Ability to Stream $3000 worth of workout programs right from your phone, tablet, laptop, etc!

-The enrollment fee to become an ANNUAL VIP member is FREE!!


What do you get besides amazing results?

Whoever is committed to their fitness goals  and tracking their Superfood Shake and Workout DAILY will win a prize valued at $15 or higher. 

-A FREE T-shirt when you finish ANY program and and send in your results!

-A FREE Ultimate Survival Fitness eGuide


What is the commitment?

We are going to spend alot of time together ♥ —you may find that many things will change for you . . . not just your body but your energy level, nutrition, and perhaps you'll even forge new friendships with other Group members.

During the Total Transformation Challenge, I will give you 100%.

In order to get results, you will need to do the same—you are WORTH IT and you WILL see a difference! :) I promise !!!


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