Hey Friends, welcome to my virtual home! Thank you for wanting to know a little more about the girl on the other side of the computer (or smart phone)!

Who am I? 


Thats a tough one to answer considering I'm learning more and more about me each day but I'll do my best! 

My name is Denita. I am a RN who retired herself through building my online business  as a Online Trainer and Weight Loss Coach who has dedicated her life to helping women like myself lose weight & overcome emotional eating.

I also pride myself in helping some of those women build their own online fitness business as their business coach!

I am where passion and purpose collide. 

How did I get here??


Imagine this...

I was a new grad with my BSN in Nursing. I was super excited about my new job, my new income, and my new freedom.-

I didn't realize how much of my freedom I had just lost to the workplace. I didn't realize I had to "request off" to have holidays with my family.

I didn't realize as the "new grad" I would fall victim to mandatory overtime, request denials, and odd shifts. I didn't realize I was no longer "free" but bound by policies, procedures, managers, and charge nurses.

I would be told what to do and how, when to work and how long, and my autonomy was non existent.

But what was a girl to do? I spent 6 years in a field I was NOT passionate about. I felt I was "trapped". I spent all of this money for my degree I was GOING to use it. 

I went from job to job, facility to facility searching for that RIGHT field of nursing or the RIGHT facility. 

Looking for something I'd never find. 

Then this happened...


A turning point in my life. 

September 14 2015 my entire life changed. 

I was assaulted and it broke me. Physically, mentally, & spiritually. I was a woman shattered in every sense of the word. I had broken bones in my face and a Shattered soul. I was afraid. I was insecure. I blamed everything around me, then the person that assaulted me, then God. I blamed everyone but more than that, I blamed me.

When tragedy happens we often turn on ourselves. We are our worst enemies and we self sabotage our lives. I did that. I was doing that. I suffered depression for a solid year in SILENCE. I hated myself, my job, and the person I KNEW I was becoming

Angry and vengeful yet still scared and afraid.

When people tell me "You don't understand my struggles". I do

When they say "You don't know what its like". I do. 

When I hear "You don't understand my pain" I do.

When they say "Its not that easy". I know!

When I hear "But Ive been through so much". I know

When  they tell me "I dont believe in me". I didn't

When you tell me "I cant". Listen to me. YOU CAN

Once my soul healed I vowed I would make THIS mean something. 

I had to be someone. I had to do something. I could NOT go through this pain and remain the same. 

For a year, I did nothing.

Then life hit..yet again


Life was looking all the way up. I married on 4/9/16. 

It was everything a girl could ask for. He is evrything a girl could ask for. We were wed, bought a new home and flew off to Thailand for our honeymoon

I felt I was floating on air!

The day we got in from our most amazing honeymoon, we walked into a basically empty home. Someone had robbed us while we were away. They took anything they could lift. 

We were shook but we refused to let material things ruin our love high!

3 days later my husband gets laid off! 

DANGG!!! Now that hurt. 

We were devastated but mostly scared.

We had built out life around his income. I was FINALLY working part time right before we got married and our main source of income disappeared in one phone call. 

I knew at that moment, ok after the tears, that I would NEVER let that happen to us again.

I remembered the girl I promised myself I'd be. The girl who REFUSED to have gone through so much and promised herself it wouldnt be in vain. 

When this opportunity to open my online fitness business came knocking, I answered IT. It was time to fulfill that promise. 

God has a funny way of putting you in a place of desperation so you can’t run away from opportunity. 

When I first started this business it was 2 months after my wedding, 2 months after my new home got robbed, and 2 months after my husband got laid off. 


Prior to taking this journey as an entrepreneur, I never knew that was my purpose here. Now I do, My passion is helping women love themselves and their bodies but mostly helping others love their lives again. 
I am a woman with BIG, SCARY DREAMS and have learned to own my life by building a business around something I'm passionate about. If you have those same dreams,  PLEASE reach out!

6 months after I opened the virtual doors to my online fitness business as a trainer I was able to quit nursing. 

Almost 2 years later and matched my nursing income and am helping women OWN their LIVES. 

No one can tell me how much to earn, what my ‘raise’ will be, when to work, when I can have off. NOTHING. 

I started because I was more afraid of my future than I was of failing. 

That fear drove me to do amazing things. That fear gave me freedom. 

I know this is new. I know this is "risky". I know you're unsure.

Listen to me, you have everything you need within you NOW. All you need is the tools and thats where I come in. 

Join us! 

You are so worth it! You deserve this freedom, this stability, this self love but most importantly You deserve to be 100% happy!

What are you waiting for? Get in here already. Take ACTION!!! Click that button!

You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want
— Zig Ziglar